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When it was introduced, the Edge quickly became the go-to canoe for paddlers of all skill levels. If your goal is to learn the basics of canoeing, surf your local wave, or descend your favourite creek in style, L'Edge lite has something special to offer everyone. Now moulded for Esquif by the experts at Liquidlogic, you can rest assured that you will get a polyethylene canoe as strong as possible.

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Also available by special order: The Superlite

The Superlite is a lighter weight version, saving 3-4kg.  The reduction in weight is achieved by reducing the total amount of plastic used to make the shell. So if you are a paddler who mainly descends from shallow rivers with a lot of rocks, who likes slips on cheese grater rapids, or who mainly descends from thresholds, where impacts are the norm more than the exception, the Edge Lite canoe would be a better choice. The Superlite is ideal for people who appreciate the performance of the Edge but want a lighter hull, easier to transport and more responsive on the water.

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